Why my songs are always sad?

Because you are unreacheable

you looked like a star

bright and eyecatching

you looked like a star

far, far away unreacheable.

When I first saw you

I supposed time stopped

your eyes were so  deep so boundless

I lost myself in your dreamy eyes

that I understood I was in heaven

in the most beautiful garden of heaven.

I had always thought world was so beautiful

but I understood at the time

beautiful one was not the world

world was just reflecting your beauty

you were near to me as anyone

you were far from me like a star

your eyes warmed my soul

I felt myself was blessed

and then you have gone.

It was like a dream but was not

I understood I could not reach you

because you were a star unreacheable

since the day I have been looking at stars

I have been trying to find a star

it will warm my soul again like you

it will make me feel love again like you.


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