As trees are robbed of Autumn leaf

New colours congregate beneath

A tapestry just He could weave

Sunset reminds  us to believe

Dawn’s kiss awakes the winget choir

As dewdrops flee the leaves to back

In promissed warmth across our shire

As morning mist removes its mask

Sweet childhood memorise retrieved

and seeing is to be believed.

With Winter’s breath the night is sealed

A starlit Eden is revealend,moon rising

over open field

And muted trees that long to speak

of frozen beauty.

Toninght just creak,silly people

never stop to muse

just shake the stardust from their shoes

for such times we will then grieve

Life’s sonnet rhymes when we believe.

For Winter’s bite come Spring”s

soft kiss and Nature’s metamorphosis

from shroudead ,clouded angry sky

Emerges Heaven’s butterfly.

With blut of lamb and budded morn.

Heaven smiles upon the earth reborn.

Artist and Poet on balmy eve.

Each star one moment to believe.

Our mind toasts absent friend the Sun

who spreads honey over lost dreams once spun.

Across mendow the bath shy flowr in hope,

3then piercing treetops’ God’s keleidoskope.

The raging hiss of Summer’s bless

Ducts with breeze the soul to ease

with parfumed promise lovers receive

One breath from heaven mimes believe.


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