Did you ever imagined?

Did you ever imagined,
if life would be,
a computer system!
where the God
is handling the main system.

If life was a computer system! !
our sadness, badness we can defeat,
by using the button ‘delete’.
we can start a new day,
with new thinking & feeling to compile,
by clicking the button of ‘new file’.
for rejecting the people,
who don’t deserve our friendship,
we can destroy them by using ‘undo’.
for a moment very special,
from which we don’t want to escape,
just add some sparkling effects,
by using ‘photoscape’.
for the dangerous moments,
like exams and stress,
can be fastened very easily,
by using ‘fast forward’.
the people who don’t care for us,
and for whom we don’t bother,
we can create a ‘guest folder’.
the moment with some mistakes,
and we can’t give them credit,
can be made beautiful by using ‘edit’.

how wonderful the world looked,
where everyone’s happy,
no role of tears and no fears.
only happiness with some madness,
where we can do,
what we love to,
what we think to,
If life was a comp. system.
but, why to think about,
which is impossible,
but, what’s bad in thinking,
very unique, very new,
as impossible itself says i m possible! !



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