Within Temptation – Black Symphony

This special concert features the band accompanied by The Metropole Orchestra , the Pa’dam Choir, and special guests including George Oosthoek (ex-Orhanage), Anneke van Giersbergen  of  Agua de Annique and Keith Caputo  of Life of Agony . It was filmed by 14 HD cameras on February 7, 2008 at the Ahoy Arena  in Rotterdam .

  1. “Overture”
  2. Jillian (I’d Give My Heart)
  3. The Howling
  4. Stand My Ground
  5. “The Cross”
  6. What Have You Done” (with Keith Caputo)
  7. Hand of Sorrow
  8. “The Heart of Everything”
  9. Forgiven
  10. “Somewhere” (with Anneke van Giersbergen)
  11. “The Swan Song”
  12. Memories
  13. “Our Solemn Hour”
  14. “The Other Half (Of Me)” (with George Oosthoek)
  15. Frozen
  16. “The Promise”
  17. Angels
  18. Mother Earth
  19. “The Truth Beneath the Rose”
  20. “Deceiver of Fools”
  21. All I Need
  22. Ice Queen“.
  24. Sharon den Adel-lead vocals
  25. Robert Westerholt – rhythm guitar, grunts
  26. Martijn Spierenburg – keyboards
  27. Ruud Jolie – lead guitar
  28. Stephen van Haestregt – drums
  29. Jeroen van Veen – bass guitar

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